The Dress Guide for the Bride Tribe

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Wedding season is near and its time to whip your bride tribe into shape so they can fit into that amazing blush strapless number you’ve had your eyes on. Typically in a perfect world, your besties would agree to whatever you have in store for them to wear because it is your wedding. That’s awesome if you have a great group of gals that will support you, and not say a word about how much they hate that dress you picked. But as for the rest of us who have a group of strong, sophisticated, and opinionated group of women, you will quickly find out how hard it is to actually agree on a style of the same dress, let alone the same color! Too much estrogen in one room could be a disaster. Don’t get us wrong, opinions are good, but after seven different appointments in almost every single bridal salon in town, we’re sure you’ll be done listening to what everyone has to say. So we put together a little guide to help your tribe shop for the perfect dresses.

Consider their budget

Unless you’re offering to pay for everyones dress, you need to consider what everyone is willing to cough up. Ask your girls how much they are willing to spend and search for dresses in that range. Be mindful of each persons financial situation because being someones bridesmaid could really add up. Don’t forget its not only a dress but they’re also buying shoes, jewelry, and salon services. After all they are making these expenses for your big day, so ease up a bit on your tribe and be practical because most likely they will only wear it once.

Timing is everything

It usually takes about 2-3 months after you buy a dress for orders to arrive, then about another 6 weeks for alterations. Not to mention all the time you’re going to spend actually searching for a gown. Everyone has to take time off of their busy schedules to make gown fittings, and sometimes it takes weeks to get all your girls available on the same day. Give yourself and your girls ample time to start looking for gowns because getting everyone together multiple times is harder than it seems.

Search before you shop

This is probably one of the top items you’ve done extensive research on just like everything else for your wedding. Start a group text or email thread with your tribe and bounce ideas off of each other. Send dresses of your favorite finds and see what they think. That way, you have somewhat of an idea of what style you're going for and will make the dress appointment a little easier.

Individual style and shape

Each gal has their own personal style and body shape. Try to choose dresses that you think will look flattering on everyone. You definitely want your tribe to feel comfortable and confident in what they’re wearing because it will show in our wedding photos. Something you might want to consider is getting on board the mismatched bridesmaids trend. This could literally solve all your problems, hallelujah to whoever created this trend!

Color Palette

Keep your wedding color palette in mind when searching for the perfect dress. You probably don’t want dresses that are no where near your color scheme. Then try to figure out if you want your tribe to wear the same color or take a walk on the wild side and pick different shades of the same hue. Or you can be even bolder and pick prints instead of a solid color. Either way, don’t forget to look at the big picture and make sure everything looks good together.

One Size Up

Once you’ve all decided on a dress and ready to order have your girls get measured by a professional seamstress. Hopefully they will all be in the store with you when they get measured so the professionals can help decide what size to order. Remember it’s always easier to order a size up and make alterations than getting a dress too small and adding fabric.

Ordering Dresses

When all decisions are final and your bride tribe has finally found their dresses to strut their stuff down the aisle in, here’s a few things to remind them about;

  • Try to order the dresses on the same day so they’re from the same dye lot. Meaning all the dresses will come out in the same shade instead of slightly offset from each other if ordered on different days.

  • Mark their calendars of when dresses are ready for pick up, and make appointments for fittings and alterations. This could be on their own time if they have busy schedules. Hence, taking a head start on dress shopping because alterations could take a while.

  • Its always best to give your besties a timeline so none of them are scrambling around last minute.

  • Make sure everyone is prepared and pampered.

After all, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by your favorite people looking fierce and fabulous on your wedding day!Happy hunting!xoxo,KatrinaLead PlannerSirena & Tala Events

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