Top 5 things to splurge on your wedding day!

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Yes, you’re finally engaged with the love of your life and now its time to get planning! But before you can get into all the pretty details you have to come back down to reality and set your budget. Let’s be honest, not all of us has an unlimited budget or have parents willing to pay for the entire soiree. also want that “wow” factor and keep your guests talking about it even months after the wedding. Well, this list will help you figure out the right places to splurge on or consider including in your budget. So here is a few things that you should pay a little bit more attention to on your to do list because each one could make a big difference and get you nominated for that wedding of the year award.


Unless you like that DJ that still plays the electric slide or cracks bad jokes while he emcee’s during your reception, we suggest that it's a good idea to drop a couple more bills for a professional, experienced, and trending DJ. Oh yeah, there is such a thing as a bad DJ, and we’re almost sure that you’ve experienced one before. Now a DJ/emcee is a must because 1.) You need someone to play your favorite hits and 2.) You need an emcee to keep the flow of the program going throughout the night. But don’t expect for all your guests to hit the dance floor because unfortunately not everyone likes to dance. And if you want your wedding to really shine consider a live band or a dance number from a cultural dance group to represent a little of your background. Extra live entertainment adds a special touch, and most likely your guests will also really enjoy what you have in store for them.


Most people don’t realize how important lighting is, when in fact it really sets the mood of the event and a very important decor element. The lighting is actually one of the key players in the reception game, and the good news is, a little goes a long way. No one wants to walk into a reception with bright florescent lights that hurt your eyes, that’s not romantic at all. And if you want the night to elude romance, then contemplate on adding extra uplighting, renting some vintage chandeliers, or if it's an outdoor wedding hang up some string lights. If done right, it could make the whole reception look better and set the ambiance of the entire venue. Let’s put it this way, once the sun goes down, what do you need? You got it, light! So think about hiring some experts to make the magic happen and light up the night.

Photography and/or Videography

So your wedding day has come and gone by so fast and your sitting here scratching your head trying to remember all the details you planned for months. Luckily, you decided to get yourselves one of the best photographers and videographers in the city. Then you finally get your photos and wedding video back and realize why you spent so much on these vendors. Once the wedding is over, thats all you have, memories of that day. Not to mention you only have a pair of eyes, obviously you knew that already, but you can only see so much and thats where your photographers come in. They are your extra pair of eyes to capture all the candid shots, emotions and details of everything you worked so hard for. And if you can’t remember what your spouse said in their vows, or the toast the best man gave thats where the videographers come in. They are professionals and know how to get the right angle, work with lighting, and are just visually artistic to get the best possible results. This is a component that you will be sharing with your future grandchildren, so it’s probably something you want the highest quality of. Trust us when we say it’s definitely one purchase that you won’t regret.


In amidst of all your planning you might forget how much effort your guests are putting in to actually attending it. Some might be coming from out of town on their own expense, some might have taken the day off for it, but nonetheless everyone present is taking a whole day to honor and celebrate the you both as a couple. So where does food come in? It is a major part of your wedding, and probably the most important piece of the puzzle. Basically, feeding your guests is way of thanking them for coming out and showing their support. But if you don’t choose wisely and the food is not that great, it could almost be offensive towards your guests. And the last thing you want is for your guests to leave early because they’re hungry, and hungry guests turn hangry. You don’t want to be that couple that had the awful food at their wedding. So take the time to read reviews, do a little research, do your tastings and pick the perfect caterer that can deliver from cocktail hour up to dessert. Contemplate on spending little more here and get that cold seafood bar you want, have some extra late night snacks passed out, or have an espresso stand set up at the end of the night. After all, it is the biggest celebration of your lives.


If you’re the bride or groom that obsesses over pinterest, or wedding magazines then you’re definitely going to want to pay special attention to this. Once you book a venue, you will soon realize not all venues have those beautiful farm tables or a unique variety of chairs that you typically see in styled shoots. Beauty always comes at an expense, so in order to get that gorgeous reception you will have to cough up some extra bucks for rentals. But if you’re perfectly fine with using what the venue has to offer, which is most likely stark white polyester linens and outdated banquet chairs then that’s great. But if you’re looking to make a statement and more into details then consider looking into rentals because even down to the chairs you use makes a huge difference. The details are the key to a beautiful one of a kind wedding.

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