6 Wedding Floral Trends of the Year!

6 Wedding Floral Trends of the Year!

Wedding trends are forever evolving, and as professionals in the wedding industry we need to keep up! Every year a whole new set of wedding trends surface, but one of our favorite wedding trend feature is florals. They are usually the central focal point in the design concept, and we love to use as much of it as we can!

Although, not all brides see the need to use fresh flowers and opt for alternative items. However, before you decide to cut flowers out of the budget completely, some of the years trends are on the practical side. Yay! But if you just love to keep up with whats trending and interested in creative design we put together a list of incredible ways you can utilize florals into your wedding day.

The minimalist

If you’re really looking to cut costs on flowers, this might be a fantastic option to consider. Instead of massive flower arrangements, try using single stems. Check with your florist if they have single stem vases available to rent or buy them in bulk at a local craft store or online. To create texture use different types of vases, throw in a flower or two in each and scatter them down the table. We recommend using a generous amount for one table in order for it to look visually appealing.

Hoops and Wreaths

Using wreaths is no longer just during the holidays. Hoops and wreaths are hot this wedding season. There’s so many ways to incorporate them into your big day. If you want be a little different try ditching the traditional arch and use a large hoop floral arrangement, or have your bridesmaids carry flower wreaths down the aisle instead of bouquets. It’s always a breath of fresh air to see something new and fun.

Defying laws of gravity

Suspended flowers over the tabletops? Yes please! Now this design concept is definitely an eye catcher and will steal the show. If you’re looking for a wow factor, this would be a major one. Your guests will be in awe all night. But don’t get too obsessed over this just yet, you might want to get a quote from your florist first. Not only is this time consuming and labor intensive but its a lot more material needed as well. Just don’t be so shocked when you see the price tag.

Tropical vibes

This one makes us so happy! A little taste of the tropics is going mainstream. We love our classic roses and peonies but sometimes you need to change things up a bit. Tropical florals such as the king protea or anthuriums are making waves this year. They look so unique and most of your guests have probably never seen them before. So if you’re seeking for some flirty and fresh florals try going tropical. They’re the perfect fit for an upcoming summer boho wedding.

Go green

On the lookout for something budget friendly and beautiful? Foliage is the new flower. It’s a win win! You can use them in so many ways, such as making them into long garlands as centerpieces on farm tables, or draping them over your ceremony arch for a more romantic look. Or even try pairing foliage with some of the other trends on the list like making them into wreaths or using tropical foliage like monstera leaves or palms.

The best part about greenery is they are so versatile, you can literally use them for anything that needs sprucing up.

Moody Hues

This years Pantone color of the year is ultra violet! We are loving all the rich shades coming out this year, and we can’t get enough of it. Florals is a marvelous way to use color for your wedding, and this year, the deeper the better. You don’t have to go full on goth for this trend, it’s best to mix and match when using moody hues. Weddings are really beginning to be less traditional and more about what our couples love. Don’t be afraid to be bold, so bring on all the velvety marsala and plums!

Flowers all day!



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